We Empower Girls by Showing Them What's Possible

Girls are continuously bombarded with messages about what they can and can't do. Unfortunately, these don't usually reflect all of the incredible possibilities available to them. Miss Possible wants to shake up what opportunities girls see for themselves by showing them women who succeeded in many fields. We're starting in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) because those fields are in dire need of more women, but that's just a start! We plan to show girls all sorts of different ways they can change the world. After all, for girls today, ANYTHING is possible!

Role Models Matter. Show Girls Real, Strong Women

Role models make a BIG difference in girls' career choices. Miss Possible makes sure all girls have access to strong, successful female role models by showing girls real women who did great things. We take incredible women and dial them back to age ten before turning them into dolls. This helps girls see that, even though their role model achieved amazing things, she was once a little girl too.

Engaging Girls Early Builds Lasting Confidence

Early exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) is found to be extremely important to girls' eventual success in those fields. We want to help girls see that these fields are fun, exciting, and accessible. Going beyond staring at a screen to actually DOING activities helps girls build skills and confidence in the very fields their role models pursued.

Miss Possible provides one part inspiration and one part skill-building. Role models – in the form of our dolls – inspire girls to dream of greatness, and hands-on activities prepare them to achieve greatness. That's the difference Miss Possible makes.

The Toys

Miss Possible empowers girls through play! We make dolls of women who changed the world, and an app that turns their work into play time! This combination offers inspiration and skill-building to help girls not only believe they can change the world, but help them begin to build the skills they need to do it!

The Story Behind Miss Possible

The Team Behind Miss Possible

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Miss Possible in the Press

Photo Courtesy of Elyce Heffez

Miss Possible: UI Startup Inspiring Girls to Change the World

When you were little girl (or boy) what did you want to be when you grew up? An astronaut? A ballerina? The purple Power Ranger? The women out there know that many times, our career options seemed to differ from those of men.

Why? We're equally talented and a startup out of the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign is launching a toy company to prove it.

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Toys as Teachers

Elyce Heffez

When I was a kid, I would play with all sorts of toys: Barbie, Disney figurines, Legos, Leap Frog, and more. No matter the toy, I would act out my future to the last detail. Toys are more than entertainment; they are tools that educate and inspire.

Let's start with toy blocks!

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